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Found this brand in late 2021 during a hard time and the brand message helped me to keep going. The icing on the cake was I emailed customer service just saying thanks to them I managed to finish college; and without expecting a reply, Erik the founder reached back out to congratulate me and sent me some free stuff!


Clothes are clothes no matter the brand but I'm glad to have found E1K Taigen, really made me feel like I'm part of a community. High quality products at an affordable price, I'm excited to see how they grow.


Loved the Insignia dress I ordered and the customer service was spectacular. My order was delayed by UPS and even though it had nothing to do with Taigen they immediately reached out apologizing on their behalf and gave me a coupon for my next order!


Love the message behind the brand and its quality products at a fair price unlike other brands. Just wish they would drop new designs more often.


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Plum Heritage Hoodie

Silicone Branding in front left chest along with the Taigen crest on the back.

Cardinal Blue Heritage Hoodie

Silicone Branding in front left chest along with the Taigen crest on the back.

Plum Heritage Hoodie

Silicone Branding in front left chest along with the Taigen crest on the back.

Black Heritage Joggers

Silicone Branding on left thigh

White Heritage Joggers

Silicone branding on left thigh.



Joining our community means having the support and push to reach your goals behind you at all times. In the realm of life's grand tapestry, we often find ourselves at a crossroads, yearning for the strength to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. It is in these moments that we must summon the spirit of the lion and the wisdom of the eagle, forging an indomitable spirit that will carry us to greatness. Like the lion, we must embrace our inner fire, the burning passion that fuels our ambitions. We must cultivate a resolute determination, an unwavering belief in our abilities, and an unyielding spirit that refuses to be daunted by adversity. When obstacles arise, we must roar with defiance, refusing to be subdued or silenced. We must charge forward, meeting challenges head-on with unwavering courage and relentless determination. Yet, the lion's strength alone is not enough. We must also possess the wisdom of the eagle, the keen eye that discerns opportunity amidst adversity, the strategic mind that plans its course with precision, and the patience to bide our time until the moment is ripe for action. We must soar above the fray, observing the world from a higher perspective, gaining insights and understanding that elude those who remain earthbound. By harmonizing the lion's attitude with the eagle's wisdom, we create a potent synergy that empowers us to overcome any obstacle, to seize every opportunity, and to achieve heights of success that once seemed impossible. Let us embody the spirit of the lion and the eagle, embracing their strengths and learning from their ways, and together we shall conquer the world.